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PKY- LAATU is a consulting company, which offers business support units for companies to use. Our mission is to help companies to find methods in order to improve their businesses. Based on these experiences we’re aware of the results not coming instantly. Therefore in order to be able to compete in today’s global market companies will need proficiency, advanced technology and teamwork skills in order to be successful. You don’t have to be left alone when it comes to enviromental and quality issues. By contacing us we’ll make sure that you’ll get our full support for yourself and your team. The company was established in 1990’s when major companies started to demand subcontractor companies quality and enviromental structures.



Our programs consists of eSalkku, PKY-LAATU -Management System and PKY-LAATU -Tiedostoturva. eSalkku is a multitool for managing and sharing documents. By using our eSalkku you’ll fullfill the standards of ISO 9001, enviromental standard ISO 14001 and also industrial health and safety standards for ISO 45001. eSalkku can also be used for other standards as well.



With PKY-LAATU -Management System program you’ll be able to manage documents, keep them updated, archive them and process deviations. PKY-LAATU also has file security service that allows you to secure all of your files with ease and reliability. You’ll be able to use your files without any restrictions despite your location. Files will be with you even in cases of equiqment dissapearing or having damage.



PKY-LAATU offers auditing and certification services mainly designed for small to medium sized companies. Our auditing services offers methods of improvement for your management system and gives valuable information about the status of management system inside your company. Our certifications are proof of quality and will to devolp company futher.


Quality training

PKY-LAATU services focuses into providing training for quality. Quality, Enviroment and Health and Safety -system training are based on customers needs. Our goal is to increase productivity by active participation and interraction.

Our training can offer:

  • Basics of quality procements (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, standards requirements)
  • Findability of processes, determining and describing them
  • Risk identification
  • Tracking and measuring risks
  • Management review

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